Unknown (site specific)

Year 2017

Location Torino


Chor: Andrea Zardi
With: Andrea Zardi, Stefano Scarnera
Residency: Teatro Gioia – Piacenza

Site-specific: ArtOnSpot – Sasso Marconi, Bologna 2017
Almabox Sharing – Bologna 2017
Villa della Regina – Festival Corpo a Corpo – Torino 2017
Sharing Nuova Officina della Danza – Torino 2018

This duet started from an experiment: trying to ask the body about the birth of a relationship.
What kind of experience do we get when we meet someone? The other person is our support, it is what keeps us on our feet but it is an unstable support. In times of weakness, this relation takes us to the top and it is a counterweight to our shortcomings.
From the moment we explore an unknown area of someone, we put our senses into play and turn around someone else’s dimension, of which we become part in a short time. 

A relationship cannot be bound to the simple support of the other, but it becomes dynamic, extremely physical with moments of energy and moments of delicacy, just like a dance. The duo ends with a vortex of contact that it is a beginning of a reciprocal and shared dynamic.