Relation_À bout de souffle

Year 2014

Location Milano


Idea and execution: Andrea Zardi, Riccardo Meroni
Visual concept: Laura Zeni
Site: Spazio Tadini, Milan – Villa Taranto, Verbania

Observing a work of art is an aesthetic experience that takes us to a time and a space we don’t create, but they born with us: our frame of mind can form and the observing body becomes the performing one. In this work, the two characters start from a condition of isolation, incommunicability, introspection. The music is a rhythmic background, a landscape where a language becomes a form and a form becomes a dynamic momentum.

Relation_ Á bout de souffle is a vigorous flight of a relationship between people and the end of a movement that tries to be a fleeting moment of energy. The viewer is invited to interact with the creation of the work and to make it part of the artist’s work.: a pattern painting of collective emotions.