GRNDR_date no one

Year 2020

Location Firenze


Ideation and execution: Andrea Zardi/ZA | DanceWorks

Sound: Federico Dal Pozzo

Graphics: BAM Andrea Maurizio Berardi

Costume Designer: Sara Mastaglia – Umberto Trabaldo

Production: ArtGarage – Napoli, Cinqueminuti – Reggio Emilia

Residences: Teatro Gioia – Piacenza, CasaLUFT/Zerogrammi – Torino, Parc Performing Arts Research Centre – Firenze

Première: Fabbrica Europa 2020 – Firenze

Studio: Eastman Summer Intensive 2017 – Anversa
Festival Miniatures 2017 – Perugia
Principi Attivi 2017 – Milano

A figure – a speedmodel – passes from one profile to another, from one body to another, erasing the distance but constantly looking for a way out in a moment of lucidity.

GRNDR_Date no one investigates the phenomenon of dating apps. The daily connection with these tools is analyzed by anthropological studies as a real addiction. The use of sex-date apps has consequences on our way of seeing the other, his body and his presence, consequences that are intertwined with the new dynamics of human and social relationship.

Poses and mutations, in which the body is transformed by showing the most attractive piece: through the screen we close the communication to the outside: loneliness, sexual drive, alienation or simple interaction with others are the elements that push an individual to close himself in this relational fence, the closest profile is the one you must choose.
An individual can be a faceless body: it happens when identity is not a parameter of encounter, when the detail of the captivating body is more relevant, when everything you may want to sweeten the sense of loneliness is a few steps away. Scrolling from one profile to another, we focus on portions of body and shreds of flesh.