How to stay, how to flow (site specific)

Year 2019

Location Roncarolo di Caorso - Piacenza


Ideation: Andrea Zardi
Performers: Clo Passaro, Andrea Zardi
Video: Lino Budano
Location: Port of Po river – Roncarolo di Caorso (PC)

Global Water Dances 2019

Respectable rivers flow in the lowland, because water is done for being horizontal, and only when water is perfectly horizontal it preserves all of its natural dignity. The falls of the Niagara are circus phenomena  as the men that walk on their hands (G. Guareschi).

How to stay, how to flow is born from an observation of the author’s homeland scenery: the river Po stretches him in a vast lowland where everything becomes horizontal, immovable, silent, where every varying is almost imperceptible. The water that picked up the Histories of small worlds and obstinate characters – for Guareschi and Verdi –  has a surface that flows in geologic way and barely visible, becoming an open space in which to make bodies and objects floating. Two performers throw off the equilibriums of a stage, turning it into a float and they look in opposite directions, toward the source and toward the mouth: each performer tells his own origin, the path and the place to which is tied, until they meet together: contact is the last possible action in order to start another story.