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Who is Mr. Gaga

5 settembre 2015 – Cinema Massimo, Torino A meeting handled by Andrea Zardi (NOD Nuova Officina della Danza and DAMS) Speech: Prof. Alessandro Pontremoli (Università degli Studi of Turin) Interview to Ohad Naharin – Batsheva Dance Company and Tomer Heymann Ohad Naharin (1952, Kibbutz Mizra) is one of the most important choreographers in the international dance scene. His talent…

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Neuroscientific research on the languages of performance and dance. Research group: Alessandro Pontremoli, Edoardo Giovanni Carlotti, Rosalba Morese, Andrea Zardi, Maria Consuelo Valentini, Antonio Pizzo. The Research Project (PRIN) Per-forming The Social project aims at a definition of an autonomous scientific statute of social theater practices, within the wider spectrum of performing arts, both as…

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The Performing Body

Zardi Andrea, The Perception of performing boby and the spectator: a neuroscientific approach (ITA), Mimesis Journal 7, 1 | 2018 Dance has investigated the processes of construction of the body also in a cultural sense and the meanings they assume inside theatre: it did it the as if, in direct correspondence of meanings, but been subject…

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