Dance for Immersive Cinema


supervision: Alessandro Pontremoli

immersive cinema section: Vanessa Vozzo with Mattia Meloni and Carlo Gioia

dance section: Andrea Zardi and Emanuele Giannasca

piattaforma Officine Sintetiche – DAMS – University of Turin

in collaboration with the Immersive Cinema Course of the Politecnico di Torino (Cinema and Media Engineering)

Addressed to students of the interdisciplinary laboratory of Prof. Alessandro Pontremoli (History of Dance). DAMS – University of Turin.


The workshop includes exploration and experimentation around the double process of remediation and transformation that is triggered in the encounter / comparison between dance and 360 ° immersive cinema.

The frontal point of view of the live show is replaced with a central, total and semi-interactive vision that completely modifies the perception and enjoyment of the work and the dancing bodies.

Using this open and experimental approach, a short immersive 360 ​​° video will be created based on a new language and usable through wireless devices for virtual reality.


a) Exploration: Relationship between body and 360 ° camera.

b) Writing: Experimentation around new forms of writing between 360 ° storyboards and choreography

c) Video production: 360 ° video shooting in line with the results emerged in phase b) of writing.

d) Video post-production: 360 ° video editing and support.

StudiumLab – University of Turin – Via Sant’Ottavio 20 Turin


piattaforma Officine Sintetiche

With the support of: Fondazione CRT

Promoted by: University of Turin – Dams and Cam; Turin Polytechnic – Cinema and Media Engineering .