Orlando Izzo


orlando foto

Orlando was born in Chieti on 14.02.1993 and he has been dancing since he was 3 years old; at 18yo he decided to undertake this direction studying with national and international dancers/choreographers.
After working with Helen Cerina, Annalì Rainoldi and Antonello Tudisco, he made own projects (“Il suono del silenzio”, “Trattato Semiserio di Osculistica”DNAppunti coreografici finalist and winner, “VIB – Vibrations in body” – selected for Network Anticorpi XL).

He moved in Rotterdam for 5 months to attempt new experiences abroad as dancer and performer and he worked with SZENE 2WEI inklusive tanzkompanie and with Simona Bertozzi.

In addition on personal projects, from 2018 he collaborates with CollettivO CineticO for “How to destroy your dance” and from 2019 with Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo in “KISS”, with Francesca Penzo in “MELT” and with Daniele Ninarello in “CLUB UNISONO”.