Mattia Mele


Ph. Danila Corgnati

Dancer and choreographer. He fstudied ballet through the R.A.D.method, developing over the years a growing interest in contemporary dance. He jined Eclectica – Pozzo dance school with Renata Justino, F. and M. Pozzo, Sara Marasso, Ambra Senatore, Paola Colonna, Daniela Paci, B. Uccelli, Ismael Ivo, M. Francia, S. Sandroni and N. Mascia.

He joined in the 2012/13 the tour of the performance IMITATIONOFDEATH of Ricci/Forte – performing arts ensemble and collaborates with the companies ChenDance (Bordeaux) and ZA DanceWorks (Turin).

In 2016 he graduated from the Flic Circus School in Turin with specialization in verticalism and is co-founder of Fabbrica C.