Lino Budano

Visual artist


Since about 20 years, after excursions in the field of painting and sculpture, he has been involved in “visual research”, dedicating himself to the work of the image elaboration, photographic and video exploring the contamination of different shapes and languages.
His works are present in various galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, many students and philosophers have used his material for theses and articles.
Selection of activities :
2002 dnart participates – GEN.ETICA I Biennale Merano Arte – in Merano, curated by Valerio Dehò and KUNSTBRÜCKEN Die sezession in Graz;
2004 festitalia, Festival della Cultura Italiana, by Istituto Italiano della Cultura in Thessaloniki;
2006 works for Art St Urban by Gertrud Kohler in Luzern;
2007 inauguration of  Natural History Museum of the ex-former slaughterhouse of Piacenza and as scenographer with the theatre company Infidi Lumi by Stefano Tomassini;
2008 inaugurates the Venice Biennale of Dance with a BSO video.
2010 works in the field of audio-visual research with the music group M.A.S. with  works for the Emufest in Rome, at the Candiani auditoriun in Venice and at the VEP at the University of Turin designed by Edgar Varese and Le Corbusier.
2011/12 works with the night theatre group directed by Lucia Vasini,
2012 short “Lonely wife” at the Laura Film Festival of Morando Morandini.
From 2016 and 2018 he won several awards at brunate, Como, Trieste (Urban Vision and Lynx).
2018 Beyond the identity by Enea Chersicola Lux Gallery Trieste
2018 videoset for contemporary dance show “Nòstoi | ViewRoom“ ZA| DW at Teatro Gioia Piacenza
2019 Personale galleria Lavit Varese for The European Photography Festival