Daniele Carcassi

Sound designer

Ph. Alice Durigatto

Daniele Carcassi is involved in live performance, improvisation, acousmatic music, sound installation and sound design: working mainly through the use of analog synthesizers, digital processing, pre-existing music and field recordings. He studied Electronic Music and Sound Design at the Conservatory of Bologna, graduating in both with 110L and working mainly in electroacoustic composition, live performance and sound installation.

He has received two commissions from La Biennale di Venezia (2021 and 2022), and has collaborated with it as a tutor for Biennale College Musica for categories Experimental Performer, Site-Specific Installation, Radio Works. Particularly interested in improvisation, he attended courses and master classes with Alvin Curran, Francesco Giomi, Elio Martusciello, Alessandro Sbordoni, Giorgio Magnanensi, finding himself playing with them between free improvisation and conduction. He is a member of Minus – Collective of Improvisation, and Polymorphism – Ensemble of improvisation with conduction. He is the founder of SDG, a free music improvisation workshop, and ECB~, a Bologna-based collective oriented toward new musical languages.

His pieces have been published by record labels such as Slowth Records, Biodiveristà Records, Tempo Reale Collections, Switch Music, De Rio, Fango Radio Editions. In the field of acousmatic music he has performed pieces on Acusmonium in Paris (GRM), Florence (Motus), Brussels (Influx), Milan (Audior).

He curates the program Superfici Sonore on air on Fango Radio. In deejaying and club culture he is resident of DE RIO, a Florentine label and cultural association, and founder of Sinestesie, organizer of multivalent electronic events.